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Small Oxy-hydrogen Generator
Sep 06, 2018

Small Oxy-hydrogen Generator


Oxy-hydrogen generator is also called as Brown gas generator, water welding machine, water oxygen welding machine, water hydrogen flame machine, oxy-hydrogen welding machine, oxy-hydrogen flame machine, oxy-hydrogen energy generator, etc. Actually, they are all the devices of producing oxygen and hydrogen by water electrolysis. At present, we can provide three series of type products, let us introduce our small portable series below: 

AC Voltage Requirement (V)220/110V, 60Hz,Single Phase  220/110V, 60Hz,Single Phase  220/110V, 60Hz,Single Phase  
Rated Capacity (KVA)
Max Gas Output(L/h)75100200
Max. Working Pressure (kg/cm2)
Max. Water Consumption (L/h)
Max Water Adding(L)12.44.2
Water Feedmanualmanualmanual
Flame Modifier Feedmanualmanualmanual
Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)465*280*480440*300*540530*300*540
Gross Weight (kg)91217
Ventilation Space Requirement (mm)200 in each direction  200 in each direction  200 in each direction