Eco-Friendly HHO Generator Machine

Eco-Friendly HHO Generator Machine Hydrogen and oxygen products include: hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal machine | Hydrogen and oxygen combustion machine | Hydrogen and oxygen welding machine | Hydrogen and oxygen cutting machine and other new energy products. Hydrogen-hydrogen engines are...
  • Eco-Friendly HHO Generator Machine


    HHO principle

    Hydrogen oxygen machine is an energy equipment that uses electrolysis water technology to extract hydrogen and oxygen gas from water. Hydrogen is used as fuel, oxygen is used for combustion, and it can replace carbonaceous gas such as acetylene, gas, liquefied gas, etc., with high calorific value and flame. Concentration, zero pollution, high production efficiency, convenient energy saving and so on.


    ◆Fuel saving 10%~15%

    ◆Lifting power 10%~30%

    ◆Reduce emissions by 50%


    ◆Effect comparison of carbon removal 


    ◆HHO generator are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as South Korea, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Mexico, the United States, France, Africa, the Middle East and Taiwan.



    ◆Hydrogen and oxygen energy machine has achieved great success in the field of welding

    ◆Flame adjustable: 800-3200 ° C


    (1)No black smoke

    (2)Non-toxic and tasteless

    (3)Energy saving over 50% than traditional welding equipment


    ●Advantages of oxyhydrogen machine cutting in steel

    ●Flame adjustable: 800-3200 ° C




    (3)Energy saving 50% than traditional cutting equipment


    ●HHO boiler combustion


    (1)Energy saving

    (2)Environmental protection

    (3)Fuel saving: it can save 10~30% fuel consumption;

    (4)Clean and Effcient: no pollution, emission 50~80% reduction;

    (5)Safety air adding, simple equipment transformation, and low cost.



    HHO Carbon Steel Cutting Machine Flame Cutting


    Oxygen Hydrogen Carbon Steel Cutting Machine

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